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Jun 20 2016

On Discussions with Progressives

For those that have been waiting months for me to post, I think I’m back.  I spent the last few weeks trying to discuss economic and government policy with progressives on, using both Disqus comments to articles and on the babble forum. However, I can no longer do that.  I was always professional and …

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Feb 20 2015

On Cost Pressures in the Oil Sands

In the Globe and Mail: The president of one of Canada’s biggest oil and gas producers delivered a stern warning to the oil sands industry, telling a room full of Fort McMurray business people that they need to start cutting costs or the industry will fall into a “death spiral.” The “made in Fort McMurray …

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Mar 22 2014

Secrecy in Schools, Followup

On Thursday evening, I met with my daughter’s Grade 10 Science teacher, and she was pleasant and did a good job explaining the exam and I now feel that this teacher is at least competent.  However, I also met with the vice-principal, and asked for further explanation of the “secret” exam policy.   I am …

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Oct 29 2013

The real goal of Obamacare

In recent days, I have come to a conclusion about the Affordable Care Act (2010), passed by the US Congress and signed into law by President Obama.   Mark Steyn wrote over the weekend: A few years back, I too was retailing horror stories from Canadian (and British) health care — wait times, C difficile, …

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Jan 29 2012

On Work

Here is a great video, now 3 years old, where Mike Rowe of Dirty Jobs fame talks about work and the failure of western society to make work “attractive”, particularly those jobs that we really need:   Here also is a link to Rowe’s action after his revelation about the need for more people to be …

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Nov 01 2011

Let the Greek people vote

The markets in turmoil, and European leaders are crying foul over Papandreiou’s pledge to hold a referendum on the bailout package.  Yet the right answer is to let the Greeks vote.  Greece gave us democracy and we should honour their rights. All economic actors, whether individuals, corporations or nations, should be free to act in …

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May 12 2011

Rescind duties/taxes at the border

Matt Gurney has a good column in the National Post.  But he fails to point out the most obvious reason to rescind these duties/and taxes.  It costs more to enforce and collect them than it is worth to the state.  CBSA collects a small sum, estimated by some to be less than $200 million dollars …

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Apr 12 2010

Nice to see, but do they understand?

It was nice to see thousands of people protesting tax increases in the streets of Quebec this weekend, but I am suspicious about what they really understand: Participants called for the government to clean up its own spending before imposing new taxes But, like the protestors in Greece a few weeks ago – do these …

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Jan 25 2010

More Global Warming Fraud

The “uncertainty” behind global warming science that got its real start with the ClimateGate emails is getting legs as more and more “questionable” things start to pop up.  Here is the latest: Glaciergate The IPCC and it’s chairman, Rajendra Pachauri, are starting to take real heat, particularly in India and the UK for promoting the …

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May 28 2009

Bury C-300

Peter Foster provides a very good explanation of why private members bill C-300 should be killed post-haste.  The most concise line indicating why it should die? Karl Marx couldn’t have said it better.

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