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Feb 22 2015

Nenshi is wrong on cutting costs

This week, two incidents made me once again question the financial and economic acumen of Calgary’s mayor, Naheed Nenshi.  The first was a brief exchanger he and I had on Twitter after someone else had challenged him about spending at City Hall.  I questioned whether, considering that many Calgarians in the private sector were either …

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Sep 09 2013

On Levant vs. Nenshi

In the last couple of days, there has been much press about the Twitter spat between Calgary Mayor Naheed Nenshi and Sun News personality Ezra Levant.  This began with a column Levant wrote about questioning the spending of taxpayers money by the City of Calgary to hire the Pembina Institute at the University of Alberta. …

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Apr 19 2012

On Living Wages, a silly socialist idea

This week, Brian Pincott, one of the left-wing members of Calgary City Council (#yyccc) tweeted about an article published by his former co-alderman, Joe Ceci.   This article espoused the idea that government should legislate a “living wage”.  Let us examine a few points Mr. Ceci makes: We’d need to begin by valuing all working …

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Mar 25 2012

On Governments funding Governments

This week, while driving to work, the local radio news had quotes from Calgary Mayor Naheed Nenshi (@nenshi) and Alderman Brian Pincott regarding the recent decision by the Alberta Provincial Government to raise the education property tax by 7.2% on residential properties.  Now, for some background:  Calgary City Council (#yyccc) had already decided to raise …

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Jan 18 2012

The City of Calgary shouldn’t waste time on “sustainable food”

The other day on my drive home, Angela Kokott (CHQR 770 drive home show host) interviewed Calgary alderman Giancarlo Carra (Ward 9) about the City of Calgary’s  efforts to consider the “Sustainability of the Food Supply”.  Carra droned on about the need for the City to have a food plan to make sure that all Calgarians …

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Nov 21 2011

Calgary Budget 2012

Calgary city council is currently debating the 2012-2014 budget, and all the news is about whether or not they can maintain a property tax hike of 5%, or will it have to go higher. None of the city councilors seem to think that increasing spending at a rate well above inflation + population growth is …

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Aug 06 2011

On Infrastructure Spending in Calgary

Although it has passed from the daily news in the City of Calgary, we still have a budget problem.  The municipal government is spending too much money and is having to raise property taxes steeply to pay for it all.   Municipal politicians, such as Mayor Nenshi, continue complain that cities should be given more …

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Jan 20 2011

Calgary’s Mayor is wrong

Calgary’s new mayor, Naheed Nenshi (who happened to be the University of Calgary Student’s Union President one year when I was attending there), is wrong when it comes to how to pay for infrastructure and services in the growing communities being developed around the edges of the city. He stated: City council will have to …

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Jan 31 2010

Environmentalists accused of fraud? Can’t be!

I am fascinated by this news story from Toronto. A group representing dozens of lawn care companies trying to bring charges against Ontario’s environment minister and senior bureaucrats over the province’s controversial pesticide ban is now calling for charges against 23 activists. Group spokesman Jeffrey Lowes of MREP Communications said Wednesday that information has been …

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Dec 03 2009

Calgary council makes good decision…

for the wrong reasons… Calgary city council decided last night to kill the proposed pesticide bylaw because it doesn’t include a ban on cosmetic pesticides.  As I’ve written previously on two occasions (here and here), we don’t need a ban on cosmetic pesticides because they aren’t considered dangerous by any rational group.  By Brian Pincott …

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