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Aug 13 2016

Progressives and Intent

Recently, as noted previously on this blog, I have spent some time frequenting some socialist websites and forums and reading some of the modern socialist “thinkers”. I have also read a couple of books, include The Problem with Socialism by Thomas DiLorenzo, which is a pretty good deconstruction while still be approachable. Not as detailed …

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May 02 2015

The NDP will destroy Alberta’s economy

All the recent polls in the Alberta election seem to indicate that the NDP (i.e. socialists) under Rachel Notley will form the next government of our fine province.  Ms. Notley has vowed to fix the regulatory environment for the oilsands, to withdraw funding from “independent” schools, to spend more on infrastructure, roll back cuts to …

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Jun 02 2014

On the EPA CO2 Reduction Target

Today, the EPA and President Obama unveiled a plan to reduce major power plant CO2 emissions by 30% in 16 years (by 2030).  This will basically kill the coal-fired power industry, and subsequently the coal mining industry in America. There is much discussion on the net about how foolish this is, such as:  The reduction …

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Apr 22 2014

On Innovation in the Oil Sands

I don’t often post on the industries in which I work, but I felt this week like I should.  Outgoing Total E&P Canada president Jean-Michel Gires said at the end of 2012: We are still too many mavericks around our own ideas. saying we are the best in the world and we can develop technology …

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Feb 16 2014

The Decline of Western Civilization

Recently, there have been a number of things in the news that make me think that Western Civilization is in decline.  It doesn’t take much to look at parts of Europe that are bankrupt, both morally and economically, or at the United States where cities like Detroit are bankrupt and in ruins, or states like …

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Aug 30 2013

Again, the foolishness of a minimum wage

Today, I found myself listening to Dave Taylor on Newstalk 770 CHQR during his afternoon show (which has returned to the airwaves after the host’s time in politics and unfortunately has taken Charles Adler off of my local radio dial…). He had a discussion about Alberta increasing the minimum wage from $9.05 to $9.95 per …

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Aug 01 2013

On the Infantilization of Our Society

Recently, I have noticed a few situations where people who are supposed to be responsible adults, often in positions of power and responsibility, have been unable to speak directly, make decisions, or accept that they must be responsible, or more importantly that society isn’t responsible for them. Following the catastrophic flooding in Southern Alberta in …

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Jun 12 2013

“Independent Boards” for Government Services

Today, Alberta’s Health Minister, Fred Horne, fired the board of directors of Alberta Health Services.  He did so because the board, claiming independence in the day-to-day management of Alberta’s publicly funded health care system, decided to go ahead and pay bonuses to 99 senior executives.  Their argument is that these 99 executives were entitled to …

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Apr 29 2013

New TFW rules are politics, not good policy

Today, Federal Immigration Minister Jason Kenney announced that the Government of Canada was tightening the rules for companies wishing to use Temporary Foreign Workers (TFWs) in their businesses.  I found out about this when Joan Crockett, another Calgary MP, tweeted:       Now, this isn’t the only change to the regulations. Kenney also announced: …

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Feb 06 2013

Balancing Alberta’s Books

The Province of Alberta has put out a website so Albertans can take a crack at balancing the books.  I decided to take a crack.   Now let me give you a little history.  Twenty years ago, when I was at the University of Calgary, I lived through the Ralph Klein / Jim Dinning era …

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