Jun 21 2010

Ignatieff decides to give up on Alberta

So Michael Ignatieff has decided to give up on Alberta when it comes to elections. He is taking a stand against oil tankers of the BC coast, proposing a ban on such tankers.    The Liberals clarified:

Ms. Murray indicated the Liberals are against large supertankers and not the many other ships that sail B.C. waters. The Liberals don’t oppose the smaller tankers carrying a light oil called condensate that already ply the choppy waters of Dixon Entrance, Hecate Strait and Queen Charlotte Sound around Haida Gwaii.

The Liberals also did not take a stand on the oil tankers that sail past downtown Vancouver and Stanley Park taking crude from a facility in Burnaby, a terminus of Kinder Morgan’s Trans Mountain pipeline from Alberta.

So they aren’t against all tankers.  Just additional tankers that would carry more export oil from Alberta from the proposed Gateway Pipeline terminal at Kitimat.  This pipeline is expected to provide an additional outlet for Alberta’s production, which may somewhat decouple Alberta prices from US demand by providing additional markets.  Isn’t it the Liberals that created the “Team Canada” missions to help Canadian businesses expand to markets other than the United States?

So, by deciding that exporting more of Alberta’s oil is bad, does Ignatieff expect to win any seats in Wild Rose Country?


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  1. The_Iceman

    To be fair, it is smart strategy for Iggy to give up on Alberta. He has maybe a 10% chance of winning even one seat.


    Maybe its time Alberta relaizes its landlocked and doesn’t have the right to pollute another jurisdictions waterways. These right wing toadies think the world should bow down and take one for the team all the time. And, if alberta voters were not so mummified they might get some attention from the pother parties.

  3. Ira

    Frank Graves (of Ekos Research) proposed this approach some time ago. Demonising Alberta worked very well for Jean Chrétien, and selling the Liberals to Torontonians and Quebeckers as a cosmopolitan bulwark against Albertan parochialism may well be a winning strategy.

    It’s appalling, but it might work. And that it might work is all the evidence we should need that a strong national government doesn’t serve all Canadians.

  4. Cynicla Bard

    Hey Parnel, since Quebec and New Brunswick gets their oil shipped in from other countries like Saudi Arabia or Venezuela, maybe they should stop taking the risk of polluting the waters off the east coast. They could “take one for the team” and start buying only Oil from Alberta and Saskatchewan. That way those provinces wouldn’t have to look for diversified markets. As part of taking one for the team, taxpayers in Quebec and the Maritimes should be happy to pay for the pipeline too, don’t you think?

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