Jan 04 2010

On the danger of Islamist terror

Today, the Jerusalem Post published the best editorial I have ever read on the danger of Islamic fundamentalism and the so-called jihad being waged against western civilization.

Further, the JPost calls out western leaders who fear calling a spade a spade.  And the best part is right at the end:

Obama needs to tell Americans and Europeans willing to listen that, though the overwhelming majority of Muslims are not terrorists, pretty much all terrorists are Muslim, hence the need for profiling.

An overstretched army, supported by a weary home front, against an ill-defined enemy, does not offer a viable strategy for success. Better to tell people that the enemy is radical Islam, which wants to spread its religion using the sword, and that defeat would mean an end to Western values of pluralism, minority rights and democracy.

The war isn’t in Afghanistan, or Yemen. It’s everywhere. And until we the free peoples of the world realize that fact, we are losing.


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  1. Skinny Dipper

    I would be willing to profile terrorists if that is what we must do. However, I would not be willing to profile Muslims for I, too, am a Muslim.

    “[King] Christian [of Denmark] remarked that if the German administration tried to introduce the symbol of the Star of David in Denmark, ‘perhaps then we should all wear it.'”


    1. Taliesyn

      You have missed the point. Profiling terrorists means you need some method of identifying who, out of the general public, might be a terrorist. Since most terrorists are Muslims (with a few exceptions in specific places like Sri Lanka, Spain and formerly northern Ireland) that is one place to start. The current program of screening passengers who carry passports of high-risk countries or travellers who have been to these high risk countries is a sane first step. Further efforts should be taken along the lines of what Israel does at Ben Gurion airport.

  2. Jason Kolev

    ” pretty much all terrorists are Muslim, ”

    Umm….uh….right! “I am not a racist, but all criminals are black” (a few years ago a bigot actually made that very statement to me).

    1. Taliesyn

      the problem is that it is true. But only Muslim terrorists are out to destroy western civilization. Terrorists of other religions and ethnic backgrounds tend to have a much narrower focus for their targets…

  3. old white guy

    again, with the old the majority of muslims are not terrorists. jeez, wake up. when ever you get a large level of muslims in your country you are going to have problems. all muslims are ready for jihad. they just have to get enough people behind them.

    1. Taliesyn

      I don’t think that just because you have muslims in your country there will be problems. As you agree, the vast majority of muslims are not terrorists and don’t desire the imposition of sharia law the world over. The problem is that the teachings of Wahhab, Qutb and the like have become far too prevalent, and muslim thinkers would rather blame the failings of their civilization on the west rather than looking at their own despotic leaders and close minded attitudes.

  4. Cynical Bard

    Question for Skinny Dipper.

    If you are willing to profile, what criteria are you willing to accept?

    Only people who proclaim they are terrorists?

    You say you accept profiling and then reject the only criterion suggested with no alternatives.

    Which side are you on?

  5. Ira

    This really should be obvious to people. If there’s a prison break in Saskatchewan, then we should search for the escaped prisoners IN SASKATCHEWAN. Sure, the vast majority of people in Saskatchewan are not escaped prisoners, but all of the escaped prisoners are there. It would be a complete waste of time to look for the prisoners in Quebec or Newfoundland, fairness be damned.

    1. Cynical Bard

      But IRA, all the escaped criminals will not always remain in Saskatchewan. But if all the escaped criminals are young men with shaved heads, there is not much point in investigating people who look like Farah Fawcett.

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