Jun 20 2016

On Discussions with Progressives

For those that have been waiting months for me to post, I think I’m back.  I spent the last few weeks trying to discuss economic and government policy with progressives on rabble.ca, using both Disqus comments to articles and on the babble forum.

However, I can no longer do that.  I was always professional and pleasant in my discussions, but got myself banned by the moderators.  Even when presenting my cases, whether it be about government being unable to manage the economy, excessive subsidies and distortions in the economy, or the ridiculousness of so-called “green policies”, I tried to polite.  I think I largely succeeded.

The progressives, on the other hand, were almost completely unreasonable, rude and unwilling to have a discussion.  While there were a few that were willing to discuss ideas, many called me names, and derided my comments as if “everyone knows” that only socialism is true, that Rachel Notley, Justin Trudeau, David Suzuki and Naomi Klein are prophets who may not be questioned.

I posted a statement that although I had tried, I struggled to find other commenters who would respond logically without namecalling,  One of the moderators, a MelB, replied with the word “Gone!”, and I was banned.  I did not see any response from moderators when other posters asked me if I measured my shit for brains in metric or imperial.  I was accused of being a denier, a randian, a libertarian and god forbid a capitalist!

Clearly, those who run rabble.ca have zero interest in adult conversation.  They want an echo chamber.  To them, re-education camps are a need to ensure there is no dissent from their viewpoints.  I shouldn’t be surprised. I had an online argument with Judy Rebick on the CBC about 16 years ago and she simply abandoned the discussion.

Your comments are always appreciated and while I moderate, I do not ban people simply because I disagree with their opinion.



  1. Eric Doll

    Best to remember the adage, “When you argue with a fool, so does he.” But don’t we all fall to the temptation to ‘get it on’ with the progressives, to the dismay of uncommitted listeners/readers? Small wonder there is the attitude, “they’re all the same”, you being just as muddy as the pig and all ..

    1. Taliesyn

      They aren’t all the same. There were a small number willing to have a sane conversation. But the majority resorted to namecalling and being impolite.

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