Mar 01 2013

Crash Course

While I normally write about politics, I sometimes write on education.  Today I would like to point out a great series of Youtube videos that are very funny and educational (even if I’m generally knowledgeable in the subjects).  Crash Course is hosted by the vlogbrothers, John and Hank Green, and puts subjects like World and US History, Biology, EcologyChemistry and English Literature into 10 minute (or so) videos where the host (John does Humanities, Hank does the Sciences) talk quickly and humorously.  A Canadian graphics studio, ThoughtCafe provides a lot of the visuals for the videos and they just add to how effective and funny these are.  I can’t wait for them to do Mathematics and Canadian History (come on @realjohngreen!)

While some people may find the pace a little fast, and the coverage of the subject somewhat superficial, it does make the subjects interesting and might actually entice someone to go learn more.   Go, watch them, learn and enjoy.  I was entertained while I was educated.

And don’t forget to be awesome!

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  1. Ira

    I want to thank you for this recommendation. I’m very much enjoying their 42 episode series on World History, and I’m learning quite a bit.

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