Feb 05 2013

Alberta Health Services has too much management

Today, I discovered the organization chart for Alberta Health Services.  It can be found here:


Egads!!! Look at all the people with the title Vice President, Senior Vice President, Executive Director, and similar titles!  Now I recognize that AHS has over 90,000 employees and operates many facilities across Alberta.  But the ration of such titles to staff seems high compared to my experience with large firms in the private sector.  In the private sector, titles containing the word Executive or Vice President are usually considered to be “executive management”, and their compensation structure, although perhaps not personal details, are often reportable to regulators such as the SEC or OSC.  But not at AHS…  The compensation “policy” is public, but it pretty much says NOTHING.  Also, the reports on performance indicators show that their performance has not been “great”, but we have no idea how that affects their compensation.

If I was trying to balance the books in Alberta, AHS looks like a place where there are a LOT of opportunities.


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  1. old white guy

    far too many non productive paper pushers. fire one half of all paper pushers starting at the top.

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